How does minification of web pages help

Here is an explanation of how minification can benefit your website

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What is Minification

A webpage uses HTML, a markup language, to tell web browsers how to display or render the page to the user. In HTML, any whitespace characters (spaces, tabs, newlines) outside HTML tags are ignored, and therefore unnecessary. Minification removes these whitespaces, as well as other unnecessary data, such as comments, from the HTML. The page should render just fine in the browser.

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Website Speed

Minification can significantly reduce the overall size of your webpage. The smaller your webpage, the faster it will load, thereby increasing the speed of your website for your visitors. Even a 10% reduction in page size can mean a noticeable improvement in speed for your visitors.

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Website Security

Using this tool removes the formatting of your web page in a way that it is still easily readable by search engines, and your browser, while making it slightly more difficult for humans to read the code. Also known as obfuscation, you can do this to make it just a little bit harder for someone to steal your website design or data.

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